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Bandla Ganesh Clarifies on Interview!


An Interview of Bandla Ganesh in a popular website became a talk of the town. As the producer ddn't mince his words while speaking about any aspect, It didn't go down well with a section of people especially hardcore fans of NTR.

To everyone's shock, Bandla Ganesh clarifies: "Nenu Ye Website Lonu Yevvariki Temper Gurinchi Interview Ivvaledhu Dayachesi Deenni Controversy Cheyyakandi".

As per the version published in the website, Bandla Ganesh declares 'He was labelled as Mega Camp Producer', 'I Am Not In A Financial Crisis', 'Pawan Kalyan is God to Me', 'Distributors offered low prices for Temper (Nizam - Rs 8 crore) because of NTR's recent flops', 'PVP is my support system', 'PVP, Me & My Brother suggested 15 cuts to Temper' and 'My banner is the only one to give 2 hits to NTR'.

No one knows why did Bandla Ganesh took more than 1 day to condemn if he hasn't given that particular interview!

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