You are at Samantha’s Boy Friend look creating sensation

Samantha’s Boy Friend look creating sensation

The cult movie from Kannada Lucia is being remade by Siddharth as bilingual in Tamil and Telugu. The first look of the Tamil version of the film titled as Enakkul Oruvan has been released and it has met with largely positive response.   

In the film, Siddharth will be seen as an usher and a movie star. One of the roles will be played in a dream, and the other one in reality. Enakkul Oruvan is about an insomniac who works at a theatre as an usherer. Struggling to cope with is problem, he chances upon magical pills from a drug dealer who promises to make him sleep. But there is a rider attached with the offer -- the pills help the person dream the life he wants to live but in case he chooses to discontinue it, life’s going to turn into a nightmare.  Lucia was a movie made out of crowd funding in Karnataka. 

It was a major critical success and soon gained cult following among the movie lovers across the country. Siddharth who was completely bowled over by the film immediately decided to do a remake for the first time in his career. 

SIddarth who called as lover boy by all his female fans stunned with makeover and the rumored Boy friend of Samanta appeared with the thick moustache, buck tooth and slightly dark visage. "Enakkul Oruvan" is directed by newcomer Prasad Ramar, and features Deepa Sannidhi in a lead role.

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