You are at Jungle Book Movie Collected 164+ Crores!!

Jungle Book Movie Collected 164+ Crores!!

The Jungle book Movie

If there is any Hollywood film after "Avatar" and "Tranformers 4" that has blown the minds of Indian audiences in multiple languages, that is none other than "Jungle Book".This Disney movie, a combination of realistic visuals with perfectly realistic character animation, tells the story of Mowgli and his adventures in Indian jungles.

As child artist Neel Sethi excites in the role of Mowgli, kids and families in India are rushing to theatres. The film collected 164+ crores nett so far and with Holiday season continuing for more than a month from now, this total is expected to reach 175 crores 'nett' in this week.Other than films like Baahubali, Indian movies are trying hard to compete with Hollywood counterparts now.

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