You are at Random Police check puts Allu Arjun in spotlight

Random Police check puts Allu Arjun in spotlight

On Monday evening, news of actor Allu Arjun being detained for drunken driving hit airwaves. Hours after a video of the actor being stopped by the city police for a random 'drink-and-drive check' went viral, Bunny took to his social networking page to clarify the happenings of the night. Turns out, he was stopped for the check and then let free by the police after undergoing the breath analyser test.

Meanwhile, the stylish star expressed his disappointment over the video,which he felt was "misinterpreted" and showed him in "bad light". Explaining the situation, Bunny says, "When the cops asked me to blow into the breath analyser, I felt a little weird since I was surrounded by cameras. But once the cameras were off, I did the needful and was let go by the police. But that part of the video was not been circulated, and was instead, misinterpreted. It projected me in bad light, and that's uncalled for."

The incident took place days after the actor's short film I Am That Change went viral, on the Internet. "My 2.5 min video talks about how important it is for citizens to be responsible and that's what I exactly did in real life too. When the police asked me to stop, I showed accountability and followed the procedure.

I'm a responsible citizen and abide by the rules", elucidates the actor. In a public statement, the actor also emphasised on the point of being responsible, saying, "Even if I have a few drinks, I always walk back or ask someone to drop me off or take a taxi or an auto."

Allu Arjun Drunk and Drive Video

Allu Arjun Comments On Drunk And Drive Video

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