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It's Shruti Haasan, Nothing Else


South beauty Shruti Haasan is a popular across South states. She also a prominent personality in Bollywood and PAN India. Thanks to the Hindi films that she has done and ad's she acted in. Now this name is what getting her irked nowadays. This Kamal's elder daughter is suffering from spelling mistake and sometimes grammar mistake while her name is concerned. Though she knows her name and the spelling of it correctly most people don't.

Shruti, who tolerated such mistakes these many days, got fed up and clarified her name along with its spelling. She took her posted in her twitter account saying that 'Ugh I really wish people would spell my name right its SHRUTI HAASAN not Shriti, Strudhi, Surudhi, Shroothy, Hassan or the Sruthi Hussain' and wished that people could really spell her name by itself.

Shruti Haasan has recently starred in Tamil super hit 'Vedhalam' starring Ajith as the hero. She is currently doing one film in Hindi, one in Tamil and three in Telugu. Not only as an actress, but also as a singer Shruti is a busy personality.

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