You are at Brahmi As villain in Lava Kusa!

Brahmi As villain in Lava Kusa!

Comedy King Brahmi turns villain

In more than 1000 films, we have seen comedy king Brahmanandam producing comedy. His very sight on silver screen producers heavy laughs for audiences. But now, he wants to experiment with variations in his roles.

As the producers of Varun Sandesh's latest movie “Lava Kusa" approached him for a role, Brahmi asked them to come up with a different role. Then they offered him a villain role for which he cannot say no. Recently a song featuring Brahmi and other thugs from the flick got released as everyone is seen hailing Don Brahmi.

Will this new endeavour help Brahmi take up some new challenges on the Telugu screen? That depends on the success of this flick.

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