You are at Trailer Talk: RGV “Mogali Puvvu” !!

Trailer Talk: RGV “Mogali Puvvu” !!

After a long time, maverick director Ram Gopal Varma is coming up with a stunning flick. This time he explains how the advent of technology, especially smart phones has crawled into bedroom and made private matters less private. Featuring Sachin Joshi, Kainat Arora and Meera Chopra in the leads, he came up with “Mogalipuvvu" now, whose trailer is fantastic. Being a Pshycological thriller, this film has advantage to impress audiences if narrated gripping.


RGV says about the movie like this:Sachiin Joshi plays the role of Vishal,a successful architect and is married to Supriya(Kainaat Arora) and has a young son..All seems hunky dory until Vishal Starts having an affair with a co worker Kishka(Meera Chopra). What their smart phones do in the situations after that create a whirlpool of supercharged emotions which suck in their families,office staff,cops,courts and of course the Media into a never ending Vortex....An ultra dangerous game of psychological warfare begins and murder is right around the corner. Hope our director will taste success with this.

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