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Kamal Haasan Comments On Critics

Kamal Haasan hard-hitting comments on Critics

Just few days after Actress Suhasini's remarks that 'Only qualified critics should be allowed to review a movie' became a hot topic everywhere, Kamal Haasan expressed his views on the same issue and doesn't spare the critics this time.The Versatile Actor finds fault with Critics for not being a part of the major crowd while reviewing a movie. "Qualified critics take themselves too seriously. I think the decision to either watch or not to watch a movie have to be left to the people. The biggest pleasure is when your film is already a success and still critics give it thumbs down," he says.

After wrapping up the shoot of 3 of his upcoming films 'Uttam Villain', 'Papanasam' and 'Viswaroopam 2', Kamal Haasan is moving to his next flick 'Ore Iravu'. Touted to be a thriller, This film's story narrates sequence of events that unfols in a single night. Trisha is likely to play the female lead. Rajesh (Kamal's Associate) is maing his directorial debut and Gibran will compose music for it. Kamal Haasan himself produces this movie on Raj Kamal Films International.

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