You are at Manchu Lakshmi's favorite Tollywood Hero

Manchu Lakshmi's favorite Tollywood Hero

Manchu Lakshmi is known to be a straight forward person and speaks out her heart all the time. In the self interview 'Nene' aired on ABN Andhrajyothi, She revealed many interesting facts about her likes, career and retirements.

Favourite Hero: Prabhas is very handsome and has got a mass appeal. I would love to act with Raviteja who is full of energy.

Do you believe in God?: Yes, I believe! Lord Shiva, Lord Balaji and Shirdi Sai are my favorites.

When do you wish to retire?: I feel, I am in a retirement phase at present as no one forces me to do anything and I do enjoy doing creative stuff.

Rivals in Industry: As Mohan Babu's daughter, I used to get a VIP Treatment wherever I have been to! People began targeting Me individually when I entered the Industry. Its a learning process!

What irritates you the most?: Dad's punctuality! He never waits for us whenever we take some time to dress-up for attending an event. 

To which party did you vote in General Elections?: I voted for the same party which I campaigned and its BJP.

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