You are at 35 Years Ago Memorable Moment in Ali Life!!

35 Years Ago Memorable Moment in Ali Life!!


'Seethakoka Chiluka' which released 35 Years ago is the first break for Ali. He played the role of 'Babai' in the movie.For the 100 Days function of the movie in Madras, Ali began his journey from Rajahmundry in a car one day in advance. Unfortunately, The vehicle met with an accident and Ali returned to Rajahmundry at 3 AM in the morning. After he woke up, Ali's Father encouraged him to attend the function as he would be receiving his first shield as an actor. Ali and his Father boarded a train to Madras and luckily Director Jandhyala was is in the same bogie.

After Ali greeted the filmmaker with folded hands, Jandhyala enquired him what has happened and dropped the two at the venue of 100 Days Function. Just when Ali was about to reach the stage, Rao Gopal Rao announced in the mike that the child artiste who played 'Babai' in the movie couldn't attend the event due to the accident. Upon spotting Ali at the venue, The crowd went berserk believing the Legendary Actor has lied. It was then Ali got hold of the mike and told them what Rao Gopal Rao has said was an absolute truth.

The Comedian then witnessed how much people love him when everyone began enquiring about his health condition after looking at the bandages.Post 'Seethakoka Chiluka', Silk Smitha has become a huge star but still she used to address Ali as 'Babai' and whenever they meet the first thing she would would say is 'Babai Bagunnava'.


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