You are at Varun Tej about Pawan kalyan!

Varun Tej about Pawan kalyan!

The success meet of Varun Tej starrer 'Mukunda' has been held in Vijayawada on Sunday.

Addressing the gathering, Varun Tej said, "The last time I came to Vijayawada was 12 Years Ago and that's for the 175 Days function of 'Indra'. When Chiru peddananna told to me 'Indra' function will happen in Vijayawada, I asked him 'will there be enough crowd', I was a kid then! He then said 'you just come and see many of them will be there'. When I reached Vijayawada on that day, There was enormous turnout and our family members have no option but to watch the event from sitting in a bus".

The debutante promised that he would try his best to live up to the standards set by Mega Heroes. He adds, "Kalyan babai always says Hardwork and Discipline will eventually earn you success," he told.

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