You are at Photo: Preachings Written By Pawan Kalyan!!

Photo: Preachings Written By Pawan Kalyan!!


Pictures of Pawan Kalyan with few fans at a Bengaluru Gym where is working out for getting into shape for 'Katamarayudu' were all over internet now. During the interaction, The Jana Sena Chief guided the group to go in the right path with few preachings. Some of them have been written by him on the notebook for future use. Have a look at them…

i) Do anything but should be in your control, but never create problems for others.

ii) 1 Year Goal - Eradicate Arrack Shops with the support of family and those who have experience in leading movements. Decisions should be collective opinion of like-minded people.

Pawan Kalyan asked the bunch of fans to earn well, take care of their families, lead a healthy and happy life. That's the style of Powerstar in enlightening his fans!

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