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Reasons Behind Aarti Agarwal Death!!!

Three causes around Aarthi's death!!!

As of now, there are three reasons that are doing rounds around the death of heroine Aarthi Agarwal. Though her manager and family members have stated that she breathed her last due to cardiac arrest, rumours are refusing to die down about her death.First cause, as said by the family members, it seems a heart attack. But not any easy one.

As she has grown over fat these days, Aarthi got operated for liposuction surgery and that resulted in serious respiratory complications. Fighting with breath related issues, Aaarthi's heart stopped beating. Secondly it is widely believed that she might have suffered a cardiac stroke due to depression. Since 2005, her career has taken a downward spiral and it never looked fruitful.Third cause is that, most people believe that she might have committed suicide.

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