You are at Trisha :“Marriage is not a social need for me"

Trisha :“Marriage is not a social need for me"


“I never think quite heavily about life and don't really get worried about rumours", says Trisha, who has for the first time revealed a bit more about her breakup with Varun Manian.After getting engaged to him in January 2015, the couple prosperous but they got split in the next couple of months. “Marriage is not a social need for me, but I'll marry someone out of love", she confirms, while pointing out that age is nothing for her than a number.Furthermore, the 32 year old heroine revealed that a lot of people are involved in her breakup, as she speaks to a leading daily. “I don't want to drag anyone as that will become more personal issue then", she adds.Shooting of Kamal Haasan's “Cheekati Rajyam", Trisha will be soon seen in films like Aranmai 2 and Nayaki.

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