You are at Twitter Jokes on Aamir Khan’s PK Poster

Twitter Jokes on Aamir Khan’s PK Poster

Aamir Khan's pose for his upcoming movie PK in a movie poster has caused a lot of furore. While some have given, it thumbs up calling it creative, many others have called it obscene.

Social media has gone berserk and Twitterites are showing off their wits with one-liners…take a look

Next Satyamev Jayate should be on "How Radio sets are Molested on Railway Tracks. #PK

By posing nude Aamir Khan wants to prove that there is no difference between him and Sunny Leone. #PKPoster

Q. What is the common thing between Sunny Leone & Aamir Khan new poster of P.K.?? A. Both get paid for being Naked.
Barkhurdaar… @BloodyKamina

Wow !!! Amir khan competes with sunny leone n poonam pandey… #PKposter
Raees Vinayak ‏@iam_vmd 56m

#PKposter would have been a Blockbuster if it had Sunny Leone in place of Aamir Khan

Suing Aamir khan for plagiarising the poster of Ragini MMS 3 – Sunny Leone

Surprised to know that PK is the biopic of Sunny LeoneJim ‏@The_Sleigher 14h

BREAKING: Sunny Leone just sent Friend Request to Aamir KhanNot that Arnab

There are 2 kinds of people. 1. People who like Sunny Leone's old movies. 2. People who like Aamir Khan's latest pic.Srujan @acsrujan

#PK earth quake will come at box office on 19th of December because Me Me Me KRK says so.

#PK POSTER. @aamir_khan & #RajKumarHirani think so much out of the box that sometimes u wonder what's in the box. WOW

Trust Aamir Khan to shock the pants off you. #pk #poster

FB Wale Dude Baba: Aamir Khan's big ears are actually radio antenna for better reception. #PK #PKposter

Sir Ravindra Jadeja: Why is Aamir Khan behaving like Sunny Leone. #PKPoster #PK

Pratim D. Gupta: From FB: "Strange times have come… Aamir Khan removes clothes to promote his movie… Sunny Leone wears clothes to promote her's." #PK

Rofl Indian: Teacher: Give an example of radioactivity. Student: The pk poster sir. Teacher: How the.. Student: Radio in front, activity behind.

Sorabh Pant: Don't see the fuss about the PK poster, it's just Aamir covering his Munna Bhai.

Naomi Datta: PK is Aamir in Gajini redux. His enemies have removed all his tattoos. Especially the crucial one telling him where he kept his clothes.

Karthik Srinivasan: I'm glad Aamir Khan doesn't use an iPod Mini to listen to his music in PK.

The-Lying-Lama: The next scene shows Aamir raising his hands but is still able to hold on to the radio… #PK

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