You are at Pic Talk: Mallika sherawat Doing Yoga Asana

Pic Talk: Mallika sherawat Doing Yoga Asana

"Murder" hottie Mallika Sherawat is a bit hotter even now, but there are no offers for her in hand. Her unnecessary rivalry with directors, flying to Hollywood when Hindi films are coming and over the top expectations killed her career. After the failure of her latest movie "Dirty Politics", Mallika hasn't found a way where people could see her hotness. Lately she figured out that going all ways on social networks like Twitter will help her. That made this hottie come up with various Yoga asanas daily and share them with fans. Today she said, "Another great yoga asana is Halasana ,calms the nervous system & reduces stress, good for thyroid gland", while sharing a picture.No doubt the Asanas are good, but who are worrying about health after looking these pics?

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