You are at Sheela: I don’t even have Dil Raju’s number

Sheela: I don’t even have Dil Raju’s number

 Actress Sheela maintains there’s absolutely no truth to the rumours which claim she was in a live-in relationship with Tollywood producer Dil Raju.

The actress, who has acted opposite stars NTR Jr, Allu Arjun and Manchu Manoj says, “I have absolutely no clue about what is happening. I am not in touch with the film industry and my last Telugu film was released almost three years ago. I haven’t got any good scripts since then,” she says.

“I have also been travelling and it has been a long time since I visited Hyderabad last. I don’t know why I am being written about like this,” she adds.

The actress was in the UK for almost a year and hasn’t visited Hyderabad in the past three years. “I don’t have any friends in Hyderabad. Even when I was shooting in the city, I would fly back to Chennai immediately after the work was over.

When I was in Hyderabad, I would not go out as I am not a very social person,” she says, adding, “I never even spoke to any of the industry people.”

Sheela adds that she is not in touch with Dil Raju. “I spoke to him once after Adhurs when he had come for an audio function. I don’t even have his number and I haven’t seen him in a long time. I don’t know why I’m being dragged into this,” she says.

Talking about her film Parugu, which was produced by Dil Raju, she says that the producer had not selected her. “Allu Arjun’s father, Allu Aravind, saw me and asked me to do a photoshoot. I was selected after that,” she says.

About her absence from the industry, Sheela says, “If anybody comes with an interesting script, I will think about it. It also depends on how much time the film takes to complete. At present I am listening to a couple of scripts.”

When contacted about the rumours, Dil Raju says that he has not been in touch with the actress for a long time. “How can I comment on some baseless rumours,” he said.

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