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Anasuya Clarifies The Controversy About Allu Arju

Anasuya Explains Allu Arjun Controversy

Probably talking too much on film circuits very realistically is one negative quality that always hits hot anchor Anasuya badly. Earlier she was in a bowl of controversy after quipping that she didn't do Pawan Kalyan's film Attarintiki Daredi because there is nothing much for her to do in that film. After that controversy died off, here comes a new one.

In a recent interview with a Youtube based channel, Anasuya said, "After watching Gangotri movie I felt like why anyone would become a hero if they are just from mega hero? He is quite awkward in that langa-voni look and his dances are alarming. But the way he transformed with Arya is amazing". These revelations however created a storm of online fights between fans and some have abused Anausuya quite badly. As the abusive comments kept flooding, finally the talented anchor got the video removed and instead posted another 'clarification' video where she explained her feelings.

"I've just expressed my feeling as I'm quite expressive. In neither way I meant to hurt Bunny or his fans. Today I'm Bunny's hardcore fan and even my husband feels jealous. If fans want to tell me something, they could do that in a smooth and pleasing way too rather abusing with cuss words. I'm a woman, a wife and an actor, so please give some respect and follow good manners", Anasuya stressed.

Fans however felt that like the way Anasuya has became too expressive, even they are also becoming expressive after listening to her words. "She would have said, 'Bunny is quite dim and non-heroic in Gangotri but transformed to a stylish star later. How come Anasuya says that she felt how come anyone from mega family would become a hero? Even if not from mega family, anyone could become hero if people are convinced. If Anasuya changes her style of expressing things, then abusing from fans will subside", a popular mega fan questioned.

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