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Rana Confesses his weight gaining secret

Tollywood hot hunk Rana is attracting the attention of all with his macho looks in his films Rajamouli's ‘Bahubali’ and Gunasekhar's ‘Rudramadevi’. 

Rana revealed the secret behind his weight gain and loss from 125kgs to 102-112kgs.Rana said “I haven't shot for ‘Baahubali’ for the past few months, but whatever I do, I have to bulk up, and my weight hovers around 112 kg. On the other hand, my role in ‘Rudramadevi’ required me to be a bit leaner. So, when shot for that film, I would re-work on my fitness regimen and my weight would drop to 102 kg,“Talking about his fitness he said “Prior to my debut in films, I was fat and I weighed nearly 125 kg. Now, even though I weigh over 100 kg, it's all muscle. So I feel lighter and stronger at the same time,“

On his weight gaining secret, Rana revealed “I try to load myself with as much carbs and proteins as I can till about 6 pm and after that I avoid carbs completely. And I've the habit of eating something or the other every two hours. I'm a foodie, I eat a lot of chicken, meat etc., and because of that, 

I've to workout at least for an extra hour to burn calories.“

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