You are at Raviteja's 'Happiness Secret' Revealed

Raviteja's 'Happiness Secret' Revealed

On silver screen, his vibrant presence coupled with energetic performances breathe fresh wave into any sort of story. That is Ravi Teja. Running high with the 'formulaic' success of his latest flick 'Power', he shares what keeps him happy and going great guns.

Every day after wrapping up the shoot, Raviteja will be spotted nowhere in city's happening hangout places. 'I don't like attending these parties and all. After shoot, I'll go home and will switch off my brain', the actor says, confirming that he'll never mix work and family. 'My 12 year old daughter and 9 year old son prefer watching films in regular theatres. They give me their opinion too', says Ravi.

With a successful career and content family, what could deter anyone if one film ducks? 'I give 100 percent to any movie and it is upto audiences to decide the fate. Once a movie shoot is over, I move on to my next', he concludes. That's our Mass Raja secrets of Happiness folks.

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