You are at Aagadu Failure – Boon For Film Production Houses!

Aagadu Failure – Boon For Film Production Houses!

“Aagadu” is turning into a disaster in the career of Prince Mahesh Babu. Buzz raised in the media that he even gave back his remuneration to the film makers to reduce the loss. In this scenario, “What will be the effect on Mahesh Babu’s career?” turned out to be a point.

As per the recent details, production houses are now feeling this as a good aspect for them. “Aagadu” failure controlled the remuneration level of Mahesh and the production houses are getting Mahesh for good price tag. As expectations are on low standards, production houses are on safe side. If they come up with good story and a stunning profile just like “Dookudu”, they can mint double profits at the box office.

Hence, Mahesh’s career is on the safe side while the distributors of “One” and “Aagadu” lost the battle. They are now ending up with huge losses and Mahesh may cover them up with his future ventures. Finally, “Aagadu” failure has no much effect on the demand of Mahesh but has some effect on the remuneration levels. 

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