You are at Shruti to play lecturer in 'Premam' Telugu remake

Shruti to play lecturer in 'Premam' Telugu remake


Anybody who got to see 'Premam', the Malayalam blockbuster, can't stop showering praises on Sai Pallavi who played the crucial 'Malar' character. After learning that Shruti Haasan was roped for the the same role in the Telugu remake 'Majnu', Film Buffs began expressing the doubt 'Can She match-up with SP?'. Its an undeniable fact that Sai Pallavi breathed life into the role of Malar (A Teacher who falls in love with his Student). No one other than her could do justice to the character in the remake and it look almost impossible for anyone to match-up with her finest performance.

Why Director Chandu Mondeti (Karthikeya fame) preferred Shruti Haasan for 'Premam' Telugu remake? Did Sai Pallavi turned down the Telugu debut offer? Telugus who had already seen 'Premam' were disappointed with the choice and they strongly believe Sai Pallavi could have recreated the magic if she was roped. At this point, One can only wish the replacement doesn't alter the film's fate!

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