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Dil Raju turned villain for Nandamuri Heroes

Nandamuri family heroes and fans are without a proper hit for a long time. Except for Balakrishna with Legend, none of those heroes really made a mark at the box office to make their fans happy. In this anger, Dil Raju is looking like a big villain for Nandamuri heroes.

Dil Raju produced NTR's much hyped film, Ramayya Vasthavayya and it happened to be a dud. It is said that Dil Raju's insistence for mass elements in the movie killed it. Also there were news than Dil Raju cheated NTR in the movie production in which NTR had a share from his remuneration.

And now, Dil Raju happened to buy Kalyan Ram's Pataas in both the Telugu States. Kalyan Ram wanted it to release it for Sankranthi but Dil Raju strongly objected it saying the film will get trampled between I and Gopala Gopala. However it is an open fact that Dil Raju made the film postpone to make sure Gopala Gopala get more theaters in Nizam where he distributed it.

Those who saw Pataas are of the opinion that the movie would have made a merry if released in the festival season. In both the occasion, Dil Raju played spoilsport for the Nandamuri heroes.

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