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All is Not Well Between Brahmi and Hema

Not many know that all is not well between actress Hema and comedy king Brahmanandam. Although the duo tickled one's funny bones with their comedy in Athadu and their on screen camaraderie is indisputable, apparently their personal bonding is going through rough weathers which is affecting the movie-goers and missing the duo's comic antics.

In a candid interview, Hema revealed her differences with Brahmanandam. Hema said, "I lost several offers after directors and producers roped me in. Several directors told me that Brahmanandam Annayya didn't want to act with me and asked me to replace with another artiste. When I had questioned him about this, Brahmananadam Annayya said he never said so but said perhaps budget issues could have been the reason. I initially didn't take it to heart. But this is not one instance or one role. It has repeated for four to five films in a row."

"It's when I got irritated and got angry on him. I didn't ask him again but because of this, even I stayed away from him. When I was sharing the same with a media person, he apparently told this to Brhamanandam Annayya and he instantly called me. I said yes I told him. But he said he is innocent," shared Hema."It's been a while we acted together. And am not sure whether we'd completely ditch our differences or not. I think Brahmanandam Annayya and I still have this in our heart," added Hema.

Also Hema admitted that she once said she is "bored" of doing same roles like acting as wife alongside short actors (like Brahamanandam and MS Narayana) and expressed her doubt whether it led to the differences. Whatever be the reasons, the two good artistes may not team up soon. Looks like ego clashes erupted between both the actors. It's certainly loss for movie-goers.

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