You are at Julia Roberts Walks Barefoot At Cannes Red Carpet

Julia Roberts Walks Barefoot At Cannes Red Carpet


Walking the red carpet at Cannes is a dream of many actors across the world and celebrities appear in best designer garments and accessories for this prestigious film festival. Each and every celebrity's attire at Cannes is talked about and fans want to know what their favorite star dressed in.

Hollywood actress Julia Roberts turns sensational at this year's Cannes film festival, as she left her high heels aside and walked red carpet in Aramani gown and on bare feet. Julia's thriller 'Money Monster' was screened at Cannes festival and the film's other cast George Clooney, Jodie Foster too joined Julia at Cannes. Actress Susan Surandan too walked the Cannes red carpet on Ballet flats.

Cannes film festival organizers held Valeria Rictor and few other actors last year as they turned up without high heels at the event. After a little controversy about restricting celebrities from wearing flats, the scuffle got settled when organizers apologized.

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