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Rakul Preet Singh Special Interview

'Please, Don't call me Golden Leg'

Hot-n-Happening star Rakul Preet Singh attained the 'Golden Leg/Lucky Mascot' tag after delivering few successful films in her second innings in Tollywood. However, The actress isn't happy with such tags and she conveys it in a recent interview.Rakul Preet Singh: "Please, Don't call me as Golden Leg or Lucky Mascot. Cinema is all about Team Work. So, Giving the whole credit for success to a single person doesn't make sense. Just because few films of mine were successful doesn't make me a 'lucky girl'. In a same way, I don't agree if I was referred as an 'Iron Leg' after few flops". The Delhi Girl declares she doesn't believe in notion that celebs achieve Stardom overnight in Film Industry and its just a myth. "It took me so many years to score my first success, but People focus more on my recent success and attribute few tags to me. No matter how beautiful one looks and how wonderful one acts, Some films don't click with the audience," says the beauty.

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