You are at Pic Talk: Rajamouli's Working With Team!!

Pic Talk: Rajamouli's Working With Team!!

Pic: Rajamouli's hungry on Epic

Director Rajamouli has reached a new league when he arrived with 'Eega' and from then on, many from indian film industry have been curious to know about him. The director is getting ready to show his epic film Baahubali and preparations are going in full swing.Above is the picture where the director is seen with his team and the tough taskmaster is explaining things on story board. Rajamouli is giving notes on story board and the team of director including his wife Rama is taking down the notes. We can observe music director Keeravani and anchor Nani in the pic. Th epic itself shows how seriously Rajamouli is working on the epic Baahubali.

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