You are at Pic Talk: Hrithik roshan Son Crocodile Hunting

Pic Talk: Hrithik roshan Son Crocodile Hunting

Star Hero takes Sons to Crocodile Hunting

Strange are the ways Bollywood hearththrob Hrithik Roshan when it comes vacation. Unlike other Celebs who usually go to picturesque locations to spend quality time with family, This Indian Michael Jackson has preferred 'Crocodile Hunting' and his kids have accompanied him much to everyone's shock.Hrithik Roshan is currently on a vacation with his two sons Hrehaan and Hredaan in South Africa. The Actor shared a picture of himself with his son while being on a boat and wrote, "Real? Or faking it? ...(Hint- He's doing it better than me.) #crocodilehunting #AmazingAfrica." ..One must say these Star Kids are really fearless. May be, Hrithik is preparing his sons from a very young age for the challenges they gonna face in future.

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