You are at Baahubali Leakage : He did it for revenge!!

Baahubali Leakage : He did it for revenge!!

Leaked Baahubali video to take revenge

'Leaks' have become quite common in Telugu film industry. How much ever vigilant you are, no filmmaker is able to overcome this hurdle.Team Baahubali was shell-shocked after a 12 minute footage of the action episodes of the film have leaked.

Police immediately get into action and arrested the culprit behind the leak. It is revealed that, the perpetrator identified as Varma and he is an ex-employee of an animation studio working for Baahubali.The City Cyber-Crime division has now arrested the person and they shocked with hearing from the culprit.

During the police interrogation, he told them that he intentionally leaked the video clippings of the movie to take revenge on his company for harassing him during this project work.He said that the company was harrased durig the work and it forved him to leak the video to push company into troubles. He said that he copied the video clippings into his laptop and shared them with some of his close friends through WhatsApp and facebook.The company fired him immediately after police nabbed Varma in this leakage case.

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