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Kalyan Ram Always Worked With New Directors!


Hero Kalyan Ram has been running high as he scored a stunning success with “Pataas" recently. This film is directed by newcomer Anil Ravipudi and is running towards creating huge profits for distributors after collecting nearly 9 crores from its weekend itself. Here is an unique quality of Kalyan Ram that is derived after looking at all these happenings.

Since 2008, Kalyanram has done 5 films, which include Hare Ram, Jayeebhava, Kathhi, Om 3D and Pataas. All these films are produced by Kalyan Ram himself and the quality is that all these are directed by newcomvers only. Harshavardhan, Naren Kondepati, Mallikarjun, Sunil Ready and Anil Ravipudi are those freshers respectively. No hero has given chance to newcomers such consistently.

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