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I Movie Telugu Trailer Talk!

Upon watching the theatrical trailer of 'I' Telugu version, Ram Gopal Varma heaped praises Shankar for coming up with a superior quality flick that's on par with Hollywood standards.

Describing the 'I' Director as the only trail blazer in the entire Indian film industry, RGV commented, "I in terms of its sheer originality,iaudacity,imaginativity and in every other vity  is going to be a groundbreaker. After seeing " I " trailer purely as a general common outsider I feel Shanker is bigger than Jayalalitha and Rajnikanth in Tamilnadu. My prediction Is that "I" collections on first day will be bigger than "Lingaa" nd that's why I say Shanker is bigger than Rajnikanth. I was a super huge fan of Rajnikant but now I shifted my loyalty to Shanker".

Ramu went on to say Top Filmmakers in the country depend on Shahrukh, Salman and Aamir but Shankar instead destroys Rajinikanth and that's Shankar's power against star power. He also commented those people who release their films against 'I' for Sankranthi are dumb.

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