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Manchu Lakshmi's Friend Won Oscar

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When Brie Larson won the Best Actress Award for her phenomenal performance in 'The Room' at the 88th Academy Awards earlier today, Tollywood actress Lakshmi Manchu's excitement knew no bounds. While it's understandable that the actress finds inspiration from her peer half-way across the globe, we hear that there's more to their friendship than what meets the eye.

Calling her friend Brie Larson an inspiration, Lakshmi Manchu took to Twitter to say, “Miss #brielarson how proud am I. You make dreams feel possible. Congrats darling. So so soooooo happy for you (sic)." It turns out that Lakshmi Manchu had worked with Brie Larson in a yet-to-be-released international project, Basmati Blues. The film was shot in India as well back in 2013 and it has Brie Larson playing the role of a scientist who creates genetically modified rice and what happens when she comes to India to sell the rice to the farmers. Lakshmi Manchu had played the role of an Indian woman named Sita in the film.

In an interview, Lakshmi Manchu once said that her lifelong dream is to win an Oscar award and now that her close friend Brie Larson has won the award, she's said to be all the more inspired to chase her dream.

Brie Larson and Lakshmi Manchu bonded quite well on the sets of 'Basmati Blues' and the two became so close that Brie Larson even attended Manchu Manoj-Pranathi's wedding in Hyderabad back in mid-2015.

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