You are at Seniors still rule the roost!

Seniors still rule the roost!

Last year, many in the industry felt that it was time for the senior stars to pack up and give way to newcomers.

Many even gave advises that senior actors like Balakrishna, Nagarjuna and Venkatesh must now start acting with younger heroes to retain their image before slowly exiting. But as if to prove a point, the year has seen some of the biggest hits coming from senior stars.

Balayya reached the Rs 40 crore milestone with Legend, while Nagarjuna got the biggest hit of his career with Manam.

On the other hand, Venkatesh raked in crores with low budget Drishyam. In fact, their films are among the few hits this year.

Meanwhile, the younger stars had a tough year with Mahesh having two flops, NTR having a flop. In fact, now the producers are once again looking to the seniors for bankable films. They also feel that making films with senior stars would also cost less when compared to younger stars.

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