You are at Director Bala (Siva Putrudu fame) kissing Pooja

Director Bala (Siva Putrudu fame) kissing Pooja

We have seen actors kissing heroines and vice versa but never did a filmmaker has been involved in such an act off the screen. Director Bala (Siva Putrudu fame) and Actress Pooja has created a sensation by planting kisses on each other's cheeks. Pooja played the female lead in Bala's film 'Naan Kadavul' starring Arya in lead role and she received accolades for her performance as a blind girl.

In fact, Director Bala approached Pooja for his film 'Paradesu'. However, Pooja turned down the offer citing she is busy doing other films.

Recently, Pooja met Bala to seek him a role in his upcoming film. She kissed the director and even asked him to kiss her. This kissing act has given rise to several speculations. 

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