You are at Clashes Are Quite Common : Sreenu Vytla!!

Clashes Are Quite Common : Sreenu Vytla!!

Sreenu Vytla experienced the lowest phase of his career post 'Aagadu' failure and the clashes with Kona Venkat & Prakash Raj made things even worse. He shared his views on the controversies and how the issues were sorted out.Reunion with Kona Venkat-Gopi Mohan: "We share a great rapport and delivered some good hits. We realised cinema is above individuals and Its really nice to be working together again. We will continue our association".

Prakash Raj issue: "Direction is a creative job. Clashes are quite common when we work for a long period. After all, We are all humans. But, Those clashes needn't remain permanently. As a Director, I have a conviction about a particular scene. Similarly, Prakash Raj have a different view about the same sequence. In such situations, Clashes are quite common and no one could say who has to compromise. But, Nothing is permanent. Prakash Raj is a brilliant actor and we might work together in future".People coming to an opinion Sreenu Vytla is nothing without Kona-Gopi post Aagadu failure: "They praise sky high after a hit and hence they have got the right to criticize after a flop. This happens to everyone and I'm not special. Reactions like these will keep us alert all the time".

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