You are at Pic Talk: Padma Lakshmi sizzles in a bikini!

Pic Talk: Padma Lakshmi sizzles in a bikini!

Padma Lakshmi, the India-born who made it big in USA, needs no introduction. As an actressm, model, TV host, cookbook author and producer she left a mark of her own in everything she does. At the age of 44 and being a mother of a girl, She has it in her to make the men keep starring at her sexy curves.During her India trip, Padma Lakshmi and her 5-Year-Old Daughter Krishna was seen in matching pink bikinis. The 40-plus beauty is as fit as ever and the cute girl is simply adorable. The Mother-Daughter duo have been to Kerala and they had a fun time during their stay in the country.

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