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Will Cherry's Ponytail Trigger New Trend?

Well, for a trend to go viral, all it takes is a star to sport the look. The more popular the star, the more popular the trend becomes. Right now, Ram Charan is sporting a ponytail for his forthcoming film Govindudu Andari Vaadele. Usually, Ram Charan has always sported shoulder length hair. But this time, he has styled it into a cute little ponytail. And the industry is quite sure that the trend will catch on like wild fire among the fashion-conscious youth. There is also a joke doing round in Film Nagar. Apparently, Ram Charan’s mom-in-law was not quite comfortable with his new look and wondered when Ram Charan would chop off his locks. But Ram Charan has always tried to look trendy in his films and GAV is going to be no different. In fact, his role will surely endear him to the female audience say his unit members. Ram Charan is confident that the film will be liked both by the masses and class audience. Meanwhile, he is also getting ready to produce his dad’s 150th film. Cherry also says he hasn’t given up on his Bollywood dreams. He says he will surely do a film when he gets time to squeeze in a good script suited for a global audience

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