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Krishna Vamsi: Will be more careful about my career now

Hyderabad: With the success of the Ram Charan-starrer Govindudu Andari Vaadele, director Krishna Vamsi is finally a happy man. Talking about the subject, he says, “For the last five to six years, there has been so much of negativity. Money is an important factor for many people, no one respects elders or teachers… the thinking process is bad… most are using the Internet to watch porn.

At this juncture I wanted to remember our traditions, culture, family relations and bonds. So I approached Annayya (Chiranjeevi) with this subject.” And Chiranjeevi immediately gave his green signal. “This film is more important for the society than it is for Charan’s career,” the megastar-turned-politician had apparently said when approached with the subject. “I promised Annayya that for Charan this film would be a different genre and I told him confidently that it would be successful,” adds Vamsi.

When pointed out that GAV had shades of the old classic Seetharamayyagari Manavaralu, Vamsi says, “How many people know that even Seetharamayyagari Manavaralu was inspired by many yesteryear films? I can’t say that I have made a great film, but I can say that GAV is a good film. I showed the tradition, culture and the village nativity in my film. Don’t enlarge the small mistakes in the film. There are so many good things in the film, why don’t you talk about those things?

“There are people with a parasitic mentality who always criticise every film. In my film the lead actor is not an awara kind of character. I didn’t show him with cigarettes or alcohol, which you see in many films,” adds the director.

Vamsi had become emotional during a promotional event for the film and had said, “The industry wrote me off when I was going through a bleak period, but Chiranjeevi and Charan believed in me and gave the opportunity… There were many reasons for my failures, but now, my confidence levels are high and I know my capabilities as a director.”

He points out that something had been missing in his earlier films. “The subjects were good but somehow they were not reaching the audience. I knew that I was making some mistakes. In a philosophical way I think it was a ‘bad time’ for me and I decided to face it,” he says.

It was during this lean phase that some people spread  rumours about the director and his wife, actress Ramya Krishna. “Even I heard these rumours. If I depended on my wife Ramya Krishna why should I have struggled all these days? There are a few negative people who just want to gossip. Did anybody see me asking Ramya for house rent or for petrol?

Did she tell anybody that I was a burden to her? When both of us are living as a happy family, what is your problem? I never reveal anything about my personal life. From my first film, I have never cared about the world and made films my own way. There was a bad time but now I am back with a blockbuster. From now, I will be more careful about my career which I neglected all these years,” he says.

Taking about late director Bapu’s influence on him, Vamsi adds, “Yes, he was one of our best directors. I have been inspired by many other directors like K. Viswanath, Raghavendra Rao, Sekhar Kammula, Subhash Ghai, and others.”

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