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A Film to be Launched on Kapu Garjana

In a revolt against marginalization, the Kapus have fought back through social revolutions. The ongoing agitation has already started to catch intensity. In this backdrop, a section of Kapu community is set to commence a film titled Praja Garjana, a story based on the ongoing Kapu reservation movement. Speaking about the film, director AP Naidu stated that Praja Garjana will showcase the issues being faced by the Kapus in the Telugu states and how the government is oppressing the Kapus who constitute 30 per cent of the Telugu population. The film voices the slogan - fighting for basic rights is also a right.

The director further said that just the way how a handful of films gave a boost to the Telangana movement, Praja Garjana will also support the Kapu movement. Already, the Jayaho Mudragada song has become a rage during Mudragada's deeksha. Praja Garjana will also feature real leaders who have been taking part in the movement. The film will be made on Kavi Kala Combines banner.

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