You are at Samantha & Siddhrath breaks up

Samantha & Siddhrath breaks up

Its Official: Samantha & Siddhrath breakup!

Love Birds Samantha and Siddharth has ended their 2-and-a-half year old relationship.

A tabloid published a story saying Samantha and Siddharth had part ways few days ago. It also mentioned a close source to the actress saying, "Its a painful experience for Samantha and it takes time to recover. Instead of being in a relationship any time soon, She will focus on her career right now".

Responding to the article, Samantha commented, "The article makes me look like the victim. I am not. Siddharth is a great guy. Media stop taking sides. This is personal.  STOP. There will be no further clarifications or comments about my relationship. Thank you."

While responding to the article, Sam deliberately confirmed that she is no more dating Siddharth and also appealed media not to make a big issue out of it.

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