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Ali Shares Personal Experience with Pawan kalyan


Star Comedian Ali shares his personal experiences to say how admirable is the character & personality of Pawan Kalyan.
When quizzed why he likes Pawan Kalyan so much, Ali said: "He is a very good person. When he came to know that a kid, who mayn't survive for more than few days, expressed her wish to meet him, Pawan Kalyan himself inquired about the village where the kid lives and gone all the way to there for fulfilling the last wish. That's a great humanitarian side!".
"The one good quality of Pawan Kalyan - 'He would never allow anyone to speak low about a person (in absence) in his presence'. For example, If Lakshmi Prasanna says something bad about Ali in his absence. Pawan Kalyan would react - 'Ayana Ledu Kadha Ippudu, Ayana Gurinchi Endhu Matladuthunnav? Ayana Unnapudu Idhe Matladu, Nenu Pakkane Unta'. In a Industry where we hear people keep trying put others down with their loose talk, Pawan Kalyan minds his own business".
The Comedian reveals he never expected Pawan Kalyan to become such a sensation as its never easy to create a separate image being the brother of Megastar.

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