You are at 'Em Sandeham Ledu' Song Is A Rejected Tune!!

'Em Sandeham Ledu' Song Is A Rejected Tune!!

"Em Sandeham Ledu.." song from "Oohalu Gusagusalade" movie is a super hit and it went on to win Best Song, Best lyrics, Best male singer, Best female singer and Best lyrics awards at the recently concluded Mirchi Music Awards. If we dig into the scene, this tune was composed for Krishna Vamsi's Mogudu film, but he recjected it and music director Kalyan Malik came out of the flick due to creative differences. It was Srinivas Avasarala who saw the potential in that tune and okayed for Oohalu Gusagusalade while Ananth Sreeram's lyrics have contributed immensely.Talking about it, composer Kalyani Malik said, "I strongly feel that a good song will always get the recognition it deserves. The Oscar winning of Slumdog Millionaire by AR Rahman was initially rejected Subhash Ghai, but went on to win Oscar"

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