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Varun Tej Mukundha Movie Release With Gopala Gopala Movie

Mega Heroes in a big mess!

When there are more than 2 Heroes in a family, There will certainly be release issues as at some point they might aim the same festival period. Guess, what would be the situation if there are 7 heroes in a family? For the first time, Mega Heroes are in a big mess!

As per official reports, Three Mega Heroes have films lined-up for Sankranthi 2015. While Pawan Kalyan's 'Gopala Gopala' was originally scheduled for Pongal release, Allu Arjun's 'Rudramadevi' and Varun Tej's 'Mukunda' which were supposed to release by December end got postponed to make things worse.

Analysts say, A gap of at least 2 week between the films of heroes belonging to the same family is a must as box office clash would only reduce the overall collections.

Trade Pundits were expecting at least one of these three releases to either prepone or postpone. Let's see how it ends...!

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