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Swetha basu Prasad Turned as Poet

Swetha Basu Prasad, who was arrested on prostitution charges and sent to a rescue home, has been recently allowed to stay with her parents.Sweta condemns the rumors taht circulated on media and bretahes fire on them.

 However the whole incident left a scar on her and her career took a beating.Hurt Swetha expressed her feelings penning poem.

 Here is Swetha's poem titled 'Cliff'

"Thunderstruck, all alone, I stand here at the edge of the cliff. I crawled the dense forest to get here The tribes and wild and strays They say `Jump, jump from the cliff.' As I look down, naked, cold and trembling, The ferocious sea I see with its mouth open It's ready to swallow me. The noises are unbearable the place so dark. As I decided to jump in the sea I saw the North Star. I remembered how it shone above my blessed home where singing hugging and laughter awaited me I said, `Wait I want to go home.' The voices murmured, `End the journey.' `Jump! Jump you ugly thing.' I smiled to them and pitied them, They don't know I have wings’’

As many of us were not aware of, Swetha Basu Prasad was a trained Sitar player and her fascination for Indian Classical Music has been one of the driving forces of her life. Now, she wants to dedicate this to the greatest art.

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