You are at Kajal Reveals her Crazy Childhood Dreams

Kajal Reveals her Crazy Childhood Dreams

What's the goal of Kajal Agarwal in her childhood days? Has she ever thought of becoming an actress in the Telugu Film Industry?

Kajal revealed she dreamt of becoming an Astronaut. As there is limited possibility to become and astronaut, She changed her mind and wished to become a hair stylist.

In Childhood, Kajal used to sport a tomboy look and was always with a short hair. She, however, likes experimenting with the hair styles. Guess who is her first customer? Its her sister Nisha Agarwal!

Apparently, Nisha refused to allow Kajal do the styling after a point. So, Kajal used to bribe her sister with Rs 20 for allowing her to come up with a new hair style. This hints Kajal would be a hair stylist if she didn't test her a luck at acting.

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