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Real facts behind Geethanjali Censor issue

It is known that 'Geethanjali' director Raaj Kiran suffered a heart stroke following delay in the Censor of the film which is slated for August 8th release. Despite applying for Censor on July 29th, This horror thriller is yet to receive the clearance certificate from the board.

Write Kona Venkat alleges Regional Censor Board Officer Dhanalakshmi hasn't even looked at the application and simply says 'Geethanjali' will get the certificate after completing the censor of the films in pipeline. He also informs the films prior to 'Geethanjali' on the Censor board's list aren't for theatrical release. These days, Many people make small films in digital format and these aren't meant for theatre screening.

Kona Venkat points out Director Raaj Kiran has visited Censor Board office several times in the past few days and the stress is getting on to him as the release date is nearing. That shows how crucial 'Geethanjali' has been for Raaj Kiran!

The latest release date of 'Geethanjali' is August 9th. This means the film releases on Saturday istead of Friday. 

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