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Prakash Raj Said 'Sorry' Then!!

To simply put up the picture, Prakash Raj slapped a co-director and that guy complained to association. And after 10 days of hullabaloo within walls, a co-ordination committee was setup that includes Directors Association and Movie Artists Association. When both the parties are called to resolve the issue, Prakash issued an apology, stated 'sorry' and owed to repeat it never again.

This is the clarity given by Telugu Film Directors Association's representative today in the wake of Prakash alleging that things were planned sometime back to ban him from the industry. They stressed that there was nothing like an idea to ban him except seeking 'justice' and 'apology' to the injustice met to a working co-director.

Also Directors Association clarified that they have prevented Sreenu Vytla from holding a press-meet earlier because they don't want him to lose ethics though Prakash Raj held a meet to recite a 'poem' on Vytla. But now, as the issue got personal between Prakash and Sreenu, they haven't made efforts to stop him meeting the media. On a finishing note, Association advised both these celebs to not wash their dirty-linen in public.

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