You are at Renu Desai views on men’s lust

Renu Desai views on men’s lust

Pawan Kalyan's wx wife and Model turned actress turned producer and director, Renu Desai who keeps her Twitter and Facebook followers intriguing with her emotional and heart touching updates did so again.

The actress took to twitter to share her thoughts about eve teasing.The 'Badri' actress posted a pic which shows two guys with eyes wide open staring at two passing by girls clad in burkhas. She said it is not about the clothes, but the eyes of a man always do stare at fairer sex offensively."It's never about her clothes! It's always the eyes of the man! Always!" Renu Desai posted.

The summary of Renu's social media updates bear lot of sense and the facts of life. She once again stood up to the reputation.

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