You are at Sneha Ullal's Stalker Arrested by Police!

Sneha Ullal's Stalker Arrested by Police!

Telugu Actress Sneha Ullal had a scary experience on Saturday morning when a stalker showed up at her residence. Apparently the man was taken into police custody soon after the neighbors raised an alarm. The actress shared the terrifying experience on her twitter account posting. "A fan-stalker reached my house and is just bad news. Police reached and my people have taken him nerve wrecking. Terrible experience I've ever had being an actor..the guy has got beaten and arrested.He has been warned not to come near by my house. 

Very sad experience to hear someone gets beat up coz of his own stupidity.will update more tomorrow.for now I'm on full alert and security.This man seems mentally unstable since he talking about love and marriage and all..omg so scary. I' ve only seen this in movies."

"Sushmita sen who lives right opposite me,her security and watchmen,the slums near by all came to help my bro in law and my watchmen. Thousands of people outside my was awesome to see just amazing unity for me..I didn't realize so many people knew I live here..I feel bad for that man.for the way he was beaten.but even then he kept talking blood pressure raised.upsetting all this. I complained like a lil scared girl to is such a great support for me.god bless him," she added.

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