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Censor Date Fixed For Sardaar

Notwithstanding rumours that Sardaar Gabbar Singh might not make it on April 8 as planned, producer Sharrat Marar is busy setting ground for the film's release. Sharrat is accurately planning the film's release such that neither Kalyan nor his fans are hurt.

Buzz is that the makers of Sardaar Gabbar Singh are planning to schedule film's censor on April 1st or 2nd so that film would release on time without any hassles.

As the film's principal cast headed to Switzerland to can 2 songs on the lead pair, it's learnt that it's wrapped up by March 27 and unit would return to Hyderabad by 29th. As soon as they return from Swiss, Sharrat is expected to file application with regional Censor Board seeking censor date.

Already film's talkie part is completed and also the dubbing part is almost done. So, once the unit comes from Swiss, the final editing will happen. Though the film's on tight schedule, however, makers are confident on releasing the film on April 8 as promised to fans.

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